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My name is Joy Perozo, and partnering with other writers and readers is my passion. I earned a BFA in Creative Writing from Belhaven University, where I graduated with highest honors and was an Elizabeth Spencer Creative Writing Award recipient. I have been working with authors, publishers, and companies for over five years as a freelance editor and indexer, in addition to experience in journalism and publishing.


When I'm not editing, I love eating good food with my family, writing poetry and short fiction, reading just for fun, watching movies and Netflix, collaborating with artists in different media, and generally enjoying the arts.

Some published projects I've worked on include:

New Orleans Memories by Carolyn Kolb | The Search for Good Wine and Return to Guntown by John Hailman | Mama Rose's Turn by Carolyn Quinn | Samuel M. Gore: Blessed with Tired Hands by Barbara Gaunnt | Bright Fields: The Mastery of Marie Hull by Bruce Levingston | A New History of Mississippi by Dennis J. Mitchell | Get Off Your Tail and Homestead by Beau Brotherton

"Before Joy came on board... our little book was just a pile of crazy libertarian nonsense scratched out by yours truly. Thank you, Joy, for taking us from a big jumble of words and creating a coherent view that can actually be understood!" - Beau Brotherton


Sheaves are a collection of things fastened together, gatherings that are stronger in partnership--grains, papers, ideas--people.


The mission of Sheaves Literary is to partner with writers and readers, using creative passion and editorial gifting to help advance literacy throughout the world.  

A portion of Sheaves Literary profits is donated to Pioneer Bible Translators, in order to value and advance literacy in every language through a time-honored, multi-genre tool called the Bible.

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